”Houkoutei” restaurant

We accept banquets for various meetings and according to your budget.
Please use our restaurant “Ryotei Koumezaki” for banquets.

The Sankyo Rice Warehouses are the iconic symbol of Sakata, and nine of the originally twelve are still used.

The atmosphere showcases the original roof from the inside, while you can enjoy abundant seafood and sashimi, with the best local ingredients.They have space for large parties, or private romantic tables for two.

Houkoutei’s picturesque surroundings include an awe-inspiring row of  Zelkova trees.
They flank the path with nice views along the riverbank, providing much-needed shade in the summer, and protection from the harsh winds in winter. Then, stop by at the small Sankyo Inari Shrine in the back.

Entertainment and amazing food enjoyed by both locals and tourists.
* The name Houkoutei, which was named by the first proprietress Kichiyo Ikeda.

Seating capacity: raised seating area 30/ table seat 54

Address: 1-1-20 Snakyo-machi, Sakata, Yamagata, 998-0838, Japan

Business Hours: Lunch: AM11:00~PM2:00 [L.O PM1:30] Sake bar & Dinner PM5:30~PM9:30 [L.O PM9:00]